The Incineration of Yokohama (横浜焼却作戦, Yokohama Shōkyaku Sakusen?) is an emergency plan carried out by The Guild to obtain the book.


Fitzgerald plans to use Atsushi as the lead and using Steinbeck's ability and Q's Dogra Magra to execute the plan.


Fitzgerald holding Q's doll.

Atsushi was kidnapped by the Guild and was told about the emergency plan of the Guild. Using Q's ability, they will use it to curse the population and have the cursed ones attack everyone in their sight.

Meanwhile, Q is restrained in a basement by Steinbeck's grapevines. Steinbeck provokes Q by hurting him. Out of rage, Q activates their ability, revealing how handprints emerge on most of Yokohama's citizens.

Atsushi tries to feliver the doll to Dazai.

Atsushi being locked up in the Moby Dick, asks Lucy to help him escape the place. After some talking, Lucy finally agrees to help Atsushi by using her ability to help Atsushi escape. With Q's doll on Atushi's hand, he exits Anne's Chamber with only one goal in mind - to deliver the doll to Dazai for him to nullify it. [1]

Learning that Atsushi escaped, Fitzgerald orders his crew to prepare for air canons to target Atsushi. While Atsushi falls down from the sky, he was targeted by Twain. Barely landing on the ground safely, thanks to his ability, Atsushi tries to reach out for Q's doll. Just as he was about to reach it, Dazai comes to his rescue and nullifies the doll. [2]


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