The Mysterious Island (神秘の島, Shinpi no Shima?) is the ability of Jules Gabriel Verne.[1]


Verne's ability is an extremely rare skill. It allows him to absorb the abilities from any ability user who died and its range extended across Standard Island he claimed as his domain. The ability is also the cause of Verne's personality to be robbed of itself due to the ability getting stronger, transformed, and eventually grew to have a will on its own when Verne use his ability to keep stealing Well's ability to go back in time. The ability also gave birth to the consciousness of Gab, the young tourist boy whose name Verne stole.

Abilities he absorbed:

  • Shapeshifting ability - the ability that allowed him to manipulate age and appearance
  • Time Machine (as Gab and Verne)- the ability to manipulate time specifically delaying and slowing down time, originally Herbert George Wells's ability
  • Intangility ability (as Gab) - the ability that allowed him to go through anything under two inches, originally Nemo's ability


Verne being a member of the the Seven Traitors once utilized his ability during the great war and kidnapped the highest decision-making bodies of each country and brought them to the island to force peace among the nations. When countless armies and and intelligence agencies smuggled themselves in the island and tried to steal their men back, Verne used his ability to defeat them, preventing them from going inside the island. With this numerous special forces and assassins with abilities defeated, Verne absorbed their abilities and got stronger.


The Mysterious Island is a reference to the novel, The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne. It is published in 1875 and a crossover sequel of his other two novels, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas (1870) and In Search of the Castaways (1867-1868). [2]It follows the story of 5 men (Harding, Spilett, Pencroft, Neb, and Herbert) and their efforts to survive as castaways on an uncharted South Pacific island.


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