The Overcoat (外套, Gaitō?) is the ability of Nikolai Gogol.[1]


Gogol's hand points a gun at Atsushi.

The Overcoat is a transfer-type ability that allows Gogol to use his cloak to manipulate spaces and what comes out of them. Specifically, his cloak is connected to a pocket dimension within a vertical range of 30 meters through which can allow him to manifest or transfer various materials and matter.[2] For instance, Atsushi Nakajima infers that the ability can transfer weapons and explosives during combat and maneuver others' actions, as well as successfully perform surprise attacks, robbery, wiretapping, and kidnapping among several others.

Gogol can use his ability to make a revolver appear in a remote space separated from him and even manifest a telephone pole through his cloak. The ability works on living things as well, as he recurrently uses it to manifest his hand through his cloak (usually partnered with a revolver to shoot down targets remotely) and once utilized it to "sever" Atsushi's leg from his body, albeit technically trapping it on the floor. Moreover, by covering himself into his cloak, Gogol can also apparently transfer into another location almost akin to teleportation.[3][2]

Thus far, Gogol has transferred the following matters through his cloak:


  • Space Connection (空間接続能力, Kūkan Setsuzoku?): This is the core of Gogol's ability, which, as the term suggests, allows him to connect another distant matter into his own space or dimension, usually using but not restricted to his cloak as a medium. With this ability, during the hostage incident,[2] Gogol was able to create a gap in his body and connected someone else's torso in such gap, the very body part that the chainsaw chair bisected.
    • Revival-From-Death Magic (死者復活マジック, Shisha Fukkatsu Majikku?): With his space connection, Gogol once caught Sigma from his fall from the Sky Casino with his cloak and redirected him out of it in the opposite direction. He repeated the process like a juggling ball until Sigma was lowered safely on the ground. He also looped Sigma's blood back to his internal system as caused by the fatal wound he previously received. As a result, Sigma thinks that Gogol can indeed perform a death-feigning attack using his almost limitless ability.[4]


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Decay of Angels Arc


The ability is a reference to The Overcoat (Шинель, Shinel), a short story by Nikolai Gogol in 1842. It has been adapted into a variety of media interpretations and is considered an influence of Ryūnosuke Akutagawa's short story, "Yam Gruel". The story is about the life and death of titular councillor Akaky Akakievich Bashmachkin (Акакий Акакиевич Башмачкин) and his endeavors of saving up money in order to purchase a new overcoat. Later, though he finally purchases a new overcoat, Akaky is robbed of it by some assailants and soon passes away due to illness. He soon appears as a ghost who haunts people throughout St. Petersburg by taking their overcoats from them.[5]



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