The Precipice (断崖, Dangai?) is the ability of Ivan Goncharov.[1]


The Precipice lets Goncharov control the earth element, allowing him to manipulate rocks into golem-like arms or utilizing them as floating, omni-directional defense and offense, one way of which is by spinning rocks at high speeds. Hence, this enables him to cover his bases regardless whence his enemy strikes. His connection with the earth allows his constant awareness of enemies in his surroundings as long as they are standing on the ground.

The rock is incredibly sturdy, withstanding repeated attacks from Beast Beneath the Moonlight and Rashomon.[2] Nonetheless, it proves to have a weakness against their combined attack Beast Beneath the Moonlight–Rashomon: Black Tiger's Supreme Claw, causing it to fail regeneration from the so-called divine blade.[3]


  • Stone Giant (岩の巨人, Iwa no Kyojin?): Goncharov can summon a golem-like stone giant that he uses for his offense and defense. The giant is almost impenetrable; no amount of cutting or crushing can defeat it, as it can regenerate by reabsorbing the crushed rocks into its body of conglomerate rocks after suffering various cuts. Its head appears to be made out of stone hands, where Goncharov perches on while controlling the creature.[2]
  • Stone Hands: Most likely an extension of the stone giant, Goncharov can summon various stone hands – smaller in scale compared to the giant – and emerge from the ground to capture a target.[2]
  • Golem (土人形, Tsuchi Ningyō?, literally "Clay Doll"): Goncharov can create a clone of himself made out of clay. As it acts out its misdirection towards the enemy, Goncharov hides in a nearby stone wall, such as in his stone giant, from where he can later come out at will.[2]
  • Quicksand: Goncharov can liquefy the ground and form a quicksand to trap his opponents and seal their mobility.[2][3]


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Cannibalism Arc

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Cannibalism Arc


The ability is a reference to The Precipice (Обрыв, Obryv), a novel by Ivan Goncharov in 1869. It is about the romantic rivalry among three men condemning nihilism.[4][5]


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  • By definition, a precipice is a tall and very steep rock face, which is also known as a cliff. This reflects Goncharov's ability that revolves around rock and earth processes.[6][7]


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