The Seven Traitors (七人の裏切り者, Nana-ri no Uragirimono?) is an organization of criminals who ended the war among nations.


They were seven individuals, each from a different country and of a background race. What they had in common are their extraordinary abilities and a firm resolution to end the war, regardless of how dirty their hands got even if it meant ignoring all principles and morals. [1]


They head a peace conference on the Standard Island. They kidnapped the highest decision-making bodies of each country and brought them to the island to force peace among the nations.

Each of the members utilized their abilities to kidnap the most prominent ruling and military leaders of each nation and locked them inside the island's secret zone. They persuaded, threatened, and in some cases brainwashed the leaders with their ability to get them to agree to peace. They also kidnapped anyone who might affect the continuation of the war, such as key members involved with public relations and executives in munition industries.

As a result, the signed treaty for peace became valid, aided by strong demand from anti-war protestors, ending the war.


Some of the Seven Traitors died while others disappeared.


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