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This is a list of the events that take place in the Bungo Stray Dogs universe in chronological order.

Past Events

68 years ago

50 years ago

45 years ago

40 years ago

  • February 17: Mori was born.

36 years ago

  • November 22: Gide was born.

32 years ago

29 years ago

28 years ago

  • January 19: Poe was born.
  • February 17: Kajii was born.
  • August 20: Lovecraft was born.

27 years ago

26 years ago

25 years ago

  • October 20: Ango was born.
  • December 7: Yosano was born.

23 years ago

  • January 22: Katai was born.

22 years ago

21 years ago

20 years ago

19 years ago

18 years ago

14 years ago

13 years ago

  • January 4: Q was born.

12 years ago

11 years ago

  • The alliance between Fukuzawa and Mori ended.
  • Yosano joined the Armed Detective Agency.

8 years ago

  • Dazai and Mori met.
  • Mori became boss of the Port Mafia after killing the previous boss.

7 years ago (Fifteen Arc)

  • Dazai joined the Port Mafia.
  • Dazai and Chūya met.
  • Rimbaud was killed.
  • Chūya joined the Port Mafia.

6 years ago

4 years ago (Dark Era Arc)

  • Oda and Gide killed each other.
  • Dazai defected from the Port Mafia.

2 years ago (Azure Messenger Arc)

  • Sasaki and Rokuzō killed each other.
  • Dazai passed the entrance exam and joined the Armed Detective Agency.

4 weeks ago

2 weeks ago

Present Events

Armed Detective Agency vs. Port Mafia Arc

  • Atsushi meets Dazai and Kunikida.
  • Atsushi passes the entrance exam and joins the Armed Detective Agency.
  • Akutagawa attempts to capture Atsushi, but is stopped by Dazai's intervention.
  • The Black Lizard invades the agency office, but is easily defeated by the agency members.
  • Yamagiwa is killed by Officer Sugimoto.
  • Ranpo's supernatural ability is revealed to be fake.
  • Dazai is captured by the Port Mafia.
  • Kyōka defects from the Port Mafia.
  • Akutagawa captures Atsushi.
  • Chūya frees Dazai after interrogating him.
  • Akutagawa ends up in a coma.

The Guild Arc

  • The Guild arrives in Yokohama.
  • Lucy locks Kenji in Anne's Chamber.
  • Lucy locks Naomi, Atsushi, Tanizaki and Mori in Anne's Chamber.
  • Lucy nullifies her ability, effectively freeing all the trapped people.
  • Kōyō attacks Atsushi in order to take Kyōka back to the Port Mafia.
  • The Guild members attack Kōyō's squad and the agency members.
  • Fukuzawa is attacked by three Port Mafia assassins, but defeats them.
  • The agency's base is moved to Bankoudou Hall.
  • Kajii bombs the Guild's ship.
  • Akutagawa fights Hawthorne and Margaret.
  • Margaret ends up in a coma.
  • Chūya infiltrates Bankoudou Hall to let the agency know about the Guild's plans to capture their clerks.
  • Steinbeck and Lovecraft attempt to kidnap Naomi and Haruno, but are stopped by Kunikida and Tanizaki and arrested by the police.
  • Q uses their ability to manipulate Atsushi into attacking Naomi and Haruno.
  • Dazai meets with Ango.
  • Steinbeck and Lovecraft are freed from their arrest.
  • A vehicle crashes into the car Dazai and Ango are riding.
  • Fitzgerald attemps to kidnap Atsushi, but he is saved by Kyōka.
  • Atsushi is shot by Twain and captured by the Guild.
  • Kyōka is arrested by the police.
  • Lovecraft captures Q.
  • Hawthorne leaves the Guild.
  • Kyōka passes the entrance exam and joins the Armed Detective Agency.
  • The Guild is dissolved.

The Guild Aftermath Arc

Cannibalism Arc

  • Fukuzawa is infected with the virus.
  • Mori is infected with the virus.
  • Dazai is shot by a sniper hired by Fyodor.
  • Tanizaki is captured by the Port Mafia.
  • Fyodor is arrested by Ango and his men.

Decay of Angels Arc

  • Dazai is arrested by Jōno.
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