The Blonde Guy (金髪の男, Kinpatsu no Otoko?) has the ability of number ability.


He has mid-long blond hair and blue eyes. A part of this front hair goes in a wave to his left side. He wears dark pants and an open hoodie jacket in the same color over a redshirt. His shoes are black. [1]


He is very sure of himself and his ability which leads him to imprudence.


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The name of his ability is unknown. He is able to give a person a number if they are a certain distance towards him. First, a large purple glowing circle (diameter about seven meters) appears on the floor around the person. It spins until it becomes smaller and smaller until it disappears in bright light. A number will appear on the person's hand to which enables him to move the person's body until the number reaches zero. When it does, the person dies painfully.


He is an arms dealer who belongs to a underground criminal organization and general trading company in the black market for illegal goods such as organs and weapons. They buy organs or foolharldy thugs to sell to foreign syndicates, while bringing smuggled military weapons and seasoned mercenaries into the country to make a profit.


Azure Messenger Arc

Kunikida vs. Unnamed Blonde Guy.

He is part of a group that wants to take control of Yokohama. They get manipulated by Nobuko Sasaki to attack the Armed Detective Agency. He ends up rigging a plane, challenging the Agency to save it and the citizens on it.

Once Kunikida and Dazai finally locate him and his location, he faces off against Kunikida. He nearly kills him using his ability before he and Dazai work out a plan that switches their places, placing him against Dazai. The blonde's ability is no use against Dazai's ability, and as he is bewildered he is quickly knocked unconscious by Dazai's punch.

Afterward, he is arrested, and Akutagawa catches up to the police car the blonde is in and quickly kills both of the police officers present in the car. He states how the blonde deceived the Port Mafia for his own gain, and in fear, the blonde uses his ability on Akutagawa. This does not stop Akutagawa's pursuit in the slightest, and he is quickly killed by Akutagawa's ability.


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