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Hi! I am Kuroo, I'm an avid fan of Haikyuu and Bungou Stray Dogs! Other anime I'm fan of

  • sports anime (in general)
  • D. Gray Man
  • Owari no Seraph
  • Magi
  • DRRR

I'm revitalizing the wiki so feel free to help out. There are still so much to do on the wiki so I hope you will stay and make more edits.

My Signature:Legendarykuroo ~ Message Wall

Wiki User right/ Status
Ahiru no Sora Wiki Content Moderator (Active)
Blue Lock Wiki Admin (Active)
Bungo Stray Dogs Wiki Bureaucrat, Admin (Active)
Carole & Tuesday Wiki Founder, Bureaucrat, Admin (Inactive)
Heart Gear Wiki Admin (Active)
Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru Wiki Admin (Active)
Kemono Jihen Wiki Admin (Active)
Mars Red Wiki Admin (Active)
Noragami Wiki Admin (Active)
Tokyo Revengers Wiki Bureaucrat, Admin (Active)

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