Dazai and Chūya, Pretentious Fourteen-Year-Olds / A Day in Yokohama / The Boy and the Puppy (太宰・中也 14歳 (中二病) / とある横浜の一日 / 少年と子犬, Dazai, Chūya, Chūnibyō / Toaru Yokohama no Tsuitachi / Shōnen to Koinu?) is the 5th episode of Bungo Stray Dogs Wan! anime series. It aired on February 10, 2021.


Dazai is wearing a bandage and Chūya is wearing a choker and black gloves. They are both in their eighth year of junior high school and are always fighting when they see each other. Today, too, a lively day begins at Special Ability Junior High School with the sound of chimes.


Dazai and Chūya, Pretentious Fourteen-Year-Olds

Middle schoolers Chūya vs. Dazai.

Dazai and Chūya engaged in a bicker battle to which both of them think the other is cool. Chūya asks Dazai if he really needs his eyepatch or he is just desperate for attention. Dazai reveals that he has a sty on his right eye. Concerned, Chūya also asks Dazai about the bandages all over his body, Dazai responds that the purpose it to control his powers and proceeds to tell him about magical related things. Dazai reverts back the statement to Chūya saying he is also showy for no reason.

Chūya removes his gloves, belt, choker, and shoes and shows his speed to Dazai by moving sideways in a fast manner and challenges Dazai into a fight. Dazai ignores him and tells that he'd rather read books which consists of poetry books. Dazai offers him a book to read which turns out to be Dazai's personal notebook about grievances towards Chūya. Dazai tells him that he has 26 more volumes of it at his house. Chūya reads even more entries at the notebook and becomes pissed off on Dazai, saying that he'll regret it once he grew up which Dazai claims it a hypothetical.

Custodian Mori and home instructor Randō interrupt the argument.

Suddenly, they are interrupted and stopped by Mori who is a custodian at the school. Randō, who is a home instructor, is also with him. Mori notices Randō that he is shaking and asks if he is okay. Randō responds that seeing Dazai and Chūya talk in that exchanges makes it embarrassing to watch. Dazai and Chūya become embarrassed learning that they are being watched the whole time. Mori approaches Chūya and offers to remove his Achilles tendon to make him taller. On the other hand, Randō offers Dazai his earmuffs but he declines, which made Randō sigh in relief since he pretty much gets cold easily. Mori then orders the two of them to go back to class and reveals pudding as their lunch. With excitement, Dazai and Chūya goes back to their classes.

Wan Short!

At lunchtime, Chūya is seen going to the rooftop when he bumps against Dazai causing both of their puddings to fall on the floor. The two starts to argue with each other.

A Day in Yokohama

Dazai is seen holding a wine bottle telling that he will never spend that much money on liquor but instead describes a good wine as a drink you share with a charming lady. Chūya stumbles upon a bargain discount on bandages which finds it stupid. Dazai finds an absurd design for a hat, telling that he might laugh when someone in front of him wears that kind of hat. Chūya sees a poster about 10 adoptable dogs and wishing he could take the nine if he had money.

Chūya and Dazai encounter each other after shopping.

Dazai also stumbles upon the same poster and shows disgust in taking care of a dog, even if he is paid. Dazai finds the bandages on discount and decides to buy them all. Chūya sees the hat Dazai stumbled upon earlier and decides to buy and wear it. He also purchases the liquor. The two encounter each other while shopping and notices what each other bought. They bicker and leave.

The Boy and the Puppy

Chūya spots Dazai in a box acting as a dog.

Chūya is seen shedding tears after watching the musical play The Boy and The Puppy. While on the way home, he hears a bark which turns out to be Dazai mimicking a dog's bark which is sitting inside a box. Chūya encloses him inside the box. Dazai manages to poke out his arms and legs out of the box and rushes towards Chūya. Dazai manages to get out of the box.

Chūya asks him what he was doing to which Dazai reveals that Atsushi asked him before if he doesn't like dogs and reveals that dogs are his archenemy and in order to understand them, he tried to became a dog. Dazai then notices the pamphlet of the play and blackmails Chūya. Chūya reveals that if he sees a shivering puppy in front of him, he'd take care of it for life even feeding him steak everyday.

Chūya reads on how to raise dogs.

Chūya decides to leave after but is stopped by Dazai saying that he can practice taking care of the dog with him and offers him to adopt him but turns out he is just kidding since he cannot bear the thought of living with him. Meanwhile, at headquarters, Chūya is seen reading a book how to raise puppies, who gets noticed by Akutagawa.

In a mid-credits scene, Dazai is seen being comfortable sitting inside the box at the Agency office.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Manga and Anime Differences

  • In the manga, Chūya and Dazai are seen stumbling upon a bulletin article on the rise of suicide rates.[1] This is omitted in the anime.


  • Yukichi Fukuzawa's bust outside the Special Ability Junior High School is a reference to the real-life Yukichi Fukuzawa's bust outside the Mita Public Speaking Hall at Keio University, which was founded by Fukuzawa in 1858.[2][3]
  • The SFX while Dazai and Chūya are bickering can be seen as JoJo reference.
  • The still of Dazai as a dog laying at the top of a house, is a reference to Snoopy laying on his back at the top of his doghouse.


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