Dazai-san's Nail Biter / If Only I Could Express My Hundred Thoughts / Please Share! Armed Detective Agency! (ヒヤハラ太宰さん / 百の思いを告げたなら / 拡散希望!武装探偵社!, Hiyahara Dazai-san / Hyaku no Omoi wo Tsugetanara / Kakusan Kibō! Busō Tantei-sha!?) is the 6th episode of Bungo Stray Dogs Wan! anime series. It aired on February 17, 2021.


Dazai pasted a piece of paper with a certain text on it on Kunikida's back as a little prank. But Kunikida heads off to a meeting with a dignitary. On another day, Kunikida is forced by Dazai to participate in a "I danced to it" contest. ......


Dazai-san's Nail Biter

Dazai sticks a note at Kunikida's back.

Kunikida reprimands Dazai for turning work documents into origami and instructs him to redo his sloppy report. Atsushi also asks him to stop slacking at work, though Dazai muses how messing with Kunikida simply seems to complete his day.

Aiming to expose Kunikida's good qualities, Dazai places a letter on Kunikida's back, stating that he "does not know how to lie" and that he is "an honest person". However, he learns from Tanizaki that Kunikida has gone with the President on a top-secret meeting with some government officials. Dazai soon realizes that Kunikida might be in trouble as someone who "does not lie", given that their client might have asked him to keep a secret even if it meant lying.

Out of panic, Dazai chases Kunikida and Fukuzawa, where he spots the paper curl down to show that he is "an honest human being", but he sees how his honesty might still endanger Kunikida. The paper curls down again to state that he is "a human being", which Dazai thinks is enough not to put him in trouble. In the end, Kunikida returns to the office, having found out about Dazai's paper on his back.

If Only I Could Express My Hundred Thoughts

Agency members start to share their horror experience.

Atsushi talks about the game A Hundred Tales, in which people light a hundred candles and tell horror stories, after which a candle is blown every after story. Once all candles are put out, something terrible is said to happen. Atsushi then invites Dazai, Kyōka, and Kunikida to play said game. Kunikida refuses to play along; as Dazai teases him of being scared, Kunikida decides to tell the first tale.

Kunikida narrates that he once had fever and chills while doing work. As time went on, he thought of wanting to go home. He then extinguishes a candle and claims how frightening it is that he, of all people, almost abandoned his plans to go home. Dazai thinks how bad Kunikida's story was, so he tells his story when he woke up one day with a heavy head. As he was late for work, he threw on his clothes and headed to the Agency, only to wake up in reality. Dazai then puts out the candle fire, claiming how scary it was thinking he had already made it to the office only to figure out he was still in bed.

Dazai, Kyoka, and Kunikida freaking out on Atsushi's story.

Atsushi then asks Kyōka for her story, with which she tells how she was recently organizing some documents; the high-quality papers then slipped under her fingernails as she swiped up. She continues that she was once eating a very hard meat, only to find out it was her tongue. Kunikida and the others shudder at her stories despite not being actual horror stories.

In the end, Atsushi is urged to tell his story. He tells them of the day when he was being punished at the orphanage and noticed someone watching him from behind the shelves. He thought that it was some kid watching him for quite some time, until he noticed that no human could possibly fit behind the shelves. Atsushi abruptly finishes his story, while his fellow members quiver out of visible fear.

Please Share! Armed Detective Agency!

Kunikida joins Dazai and Atsushi in dancing.

Atsushi catches Dazai dancing at the office, which the latter says is for a dance contest with a grand prize of 10 million yen. He invites him to join him in making the dance video and reins him in with the possible popularity, money, and prestige they can get if they win. In the middle of their dance, Kunikida enters the office, and Dazai invites him as well, tempting him with the prize money and advertising possibilities, especially since their budget is quite slim recently.

The three begin dancing, but Atsushi remarks on Kunikida's stiff movements. As Dazai casually teases him, Kunikida is energized to perform the dance right. Ranpo passes by the office and wears his glasses, peering into his deduction: the entire Agency, including Fukuzawa, dances with them, until the Mafia arrives and dances off with them.

Ranpo telling Kunikida, Dazai, and Atsushi they will surely win.

Eventually, Ranpo removes his glasses and greets them, much to Atsushi's and Kunikida's embarrassment. Ranpo deduces that they shall win the contest; they find out a few days later that their video wins as Weirdly Unique Performance and garners a prize of a ¥3,000 gift certificate.

In a mid-credits scene, Chūya dances along the corridor. He gets caught by Akutagawa, who instantly leaves quietly, much to Chūya's awkwardness.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Manga and Anime Differences

  • Mori explains how A Hundred Tales works in the manga[1] instead of Atsushi who does so in the anime.
  • In the manga, Yosano spots the three dancing in the office,[2] while this episode depicts Ranpo finding them. Moreover, the entire dance sequence is not included in the manga.


  • When Dazai leaves the Agency office out of panic, a signage can be seen that states "節電!" which roughly translates to "Conserve energy!". This might be a subtle nod to Akutagawa's energy-conserving preference as depicted in the omake of Volume 2.
  • Fukuzawa mentioning that "all human beings are created equal" is a reference to his ability.
  • The insert song that the Agency and the Mafia dance to is "TRASH CANDY", the opening theme of the anime's first season which was sang by Chūya's seiyū, Kishō Taniyama of GRANRODEO.
  • Chūya seems to imitate Michael Jackson while dancing, and he also appears to be moonwalking in the mid-credits scene despite his feet being obscured.


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