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Young Ace (ヤングエース, Yangu Ēsu?) is a monthly seinen manga magazine in Japan published by Kadokawa Shoten, started in 2009.

Bungo Stray Dogs Young Ace Covers

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Issue 2015-03

Issue 2016-03

Issue 2016-04

Issue 2016-05

Issue 2016-06

Issue 2017-01

Issue 2017-02

Issue 2017-03

Issue 2017-04

Issue 2017-05

Issue 2017-06

Issue 2017-07

Issue 2017-08

Issue 2017-09

Issue 2017-10

Issue 2017-11

Issue 2018-01

Issue 2020-02

Issue 2020-03

Issue 2020-05

Issue 2020-06

Issue 2020-07

Issue 2020-08

Issue 2020-09

Issue 2020-10

Issue 2020-11

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Issue 2021-04


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