"Dolls are far more intriguing than people. You never grow sick of them."

— Ayatsuji on dolls.[1]

Yukito Ayatsuji (綾辻 行人, Ayatsuji Yukito?) is a detective and one of the main characters in the spin-off novel. He is currently one of the top-ranked person on the Japanese government's list of dangerous ability users.


Ayatsuji has a short wavy blonde hair and gold eyes. He wears a half-rimmed, light-colored sunglasses, and a black hat. He also wears a jacket with a yellow ochre base with a red collar, a white shirt with a vermillion-based checkered border and a gray knit vest, dull orange checkered knickerbocker pants, and beige boots.

In his hand, he carries a smoking pipe and a doll.


Ayatsuji appears as a cold and emotionless man, though is considered to be fairly odd, as he has a basement full of dolls. He also seems to have a kind side to those he forgives, such as keeping a cat and loving it. He's not very talkative, and often plays with Tsujimura and makes fun of her.

Ayatsuji is also very intelligent (as expected of a detective), and he may or not be just on the same level as Ranpo.

But Ayatsuji is a very dangerous man, dangerous enough to be seen as a threat by the government and to be put on the list of Extremely Dangerous Ability Users.


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Another (ANOTHER, (アナザー) Anazā?) allows Ayatsuji to see through the criminal in a murder case. Once the criminal behind a murder is identified, the killer will face certain death through an "accident".

Another (ANOTHER, (アナザー) Anazā?)
AnotherMangaCropped.png Manga Debut: Gaiden Chapter 1.2
Anime Debut: -
Ability: Misfortune Inducement


He is on the list of Extremely Dangerous Ability Users, and is thus being closely monitored by the Special Division for Unusual Powers; agent Mizuki Tsujimura is assigned to watch him.

A plan called 'Exterminate Extremely Dangerous Ability User, Ayatsuji Yukito’ gets submitted to the higher-ups in the Special Division 2-3 times a week but continues to get rejected due to the usefulness of his ability.



  • He prefers his coffee with two spoons of brown sugar and no milk. [3]
  • He owns two cats- a black cat and a calico cat.[3]
  • Dolls are another of his hobbies, and he not only collects them but also makes them himself in his basement. [3]
  • The hat he is wearing is the same hat as the real-life Ayatsuji is often seen wearing.


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